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CSR Preparation and Implementation - Services

CSR Preparation and Implementation

August 04, 2015

Being a responsible business is integral to success for industries, and that of their customers, clients, shareholders and communities who serve around the world. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embedded in values and informs how industries conduct business, develop products and services and deliver on our goals and commitments. CSR is integrated across the following core areas, where industries continue to focus their resources. Social responsibility report, a significant part of social responsibility management, is a platform to disclose social responsibility information for the corporations and stakeholders. And it is an important opportunity to promote their image and brand. Therefore, CSR reports are require to be managed from the perspective of strategy. We are PT Global Solusi Prima, which has competence in this business help to your industry or organization to prepare and implement your CSR. Se, we are should do this comprehension and grasping capability as the following aspects, include :

  1. Required to deepen understanding of CSR report, realizing the importance of daily management and communications with stakeholders.
  2. Required to learn some relevant knowledge of social responsibility and CSR reports via lecturer, expert training and experience exchanging conferences, so that we can improve together the initiative to learn CSR reports and adopt advanced experience of domestic and overseas CSR reports management
  3. Required to grasp CSR report structure and preparataion principals, choose CSR report preparataionstandars and establish CSR report management system adapting to their own situation. Consequently, the quality of CSR reports and the grasping capability should be highly improved.

Our experiences:


Name of Work



Workshop Monitoring danEvaluasi Program Corporate Social

Responsibility (CSR)

PT. Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk


Survey and early formulation of PT Holcim Indonesia CSR in

Tuban Factory.

PT. Holcim Indonesia


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