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    Socialization In The Community of West Papua

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Who We Are - About Us

Who We Are

July 27, 2015

Formerly known as CV. SOLUSI PRIMA, established since 2006, we have been giving services and solutions to clients with high commitment and prime quality. We are located in the Eastern Indonesia business center, Surabaya. We also have branch offices in Jakarta and East Borneo (Kalimantan).

We proudly present our services and solutions to our clients in many different types of business, from small factories to high technology based and complicated companies, from the deep dark Borneo forest to the deep sea exploration Papua. We have been giving services and solutions in the areas of social and environmental surveys, mapping, data acquisition, social mentoring, community development, and CSR.

Since 2011, we transformed into PT. GLOBAL SOLUSI PRIMA to become the leading services and solution provider in the area of social and environmental business in Indonesia, as well as to start our business development in new areas.


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